Lead Outings

How can I lead a Sundance outing?

If you've been on an outing or two, you probably know how easy and fun it can be to lead an outing. Sundance welcomes your suggestions and leadership! In fact, the all-volunteer club relies on it! 


You can lead an outing that you've been on with us before, or with another group, or plan and scout a new one of your own.  Then contact a designated Meetup Organizer ( listed on Meetup) or a Team Captain ( listed on this website) for help in finding a Co-leader and to post the outing on Meetup. It's that simple!


Once you've co-led a couple of successful outings, you can ask to be granted Event Organizer privileges on Meetup and then post events on your own! 



Does every member have to lead an outing?

No. You don't have to. Just remember that outings are volunteer-led  and it really helps Sundance fulfill its mission when members volunteer to lead or co-lead an outing.

How hard is it to lead outings?

This depends on the length and complexity of the outing. You could lead a hike where everyone meets at a designated time and place and make use of public transportation. Or, you could organize a canoeing/camping trip requiring more research, reservations, carpool co-ordination, etc. etc. There are also members who have led 1-2 week international vacation trips with a dozen or so attendees. In all cases, there are lots of people willing to help. Contact a Team Captain to get started and for questions!