Getting started— Email

Email communication is important! We make it easy! No more lists in excel or reply all emails! And it all starts by creating groups.


Do you regularly need to send emails to Committee Chairman? If so, let us know, and we will add  custom fields for you. Use these custom fields to create groups within your database. By capturing this information, you can easily communicate with any section of members or contacts in your database.

  • No limit to the number of custom fields you can create.
  • You choose who sees these fields. Present the information to users or have it set so only your administrators will see it.


Automated Reminders

Don't you hate it when people volunteer, then forget to show up? When you set up a volunteer form, you can set up automated reminders (ticklers) to remind your volunteers what they signed up to do.



The newsletter tool is useful for sending formatted newsletters by emails to any group in your database. 

  • Archive past newsletters and have them readily available on a website page.
  • Create Newsletter Subscription Lists
  • Members can unsubscribe and control their subscription lists