Welcome to Sundance Outdoor Adventure Society - founded in 1980.

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What is Sundance?

Sundance Outdoor Adventure Society is a not-for-profit, community-based organization for LGBT people in the NY-NJ-CT tri-state region who enjoy participating in non-competitive outdoor activities. We are incorporated in the State of New York, governed by our by-laws, and managed by an elected Board of Directors.

Who is eligible to join Sundance?

Everyone 18 years old and older is welcome to join Sundance. We never discriminate.

What is the ratio of men to women?

Right now, men do outnumber women, but through word-of-mouth and outreach the number of women members has been increasing in the past couple of years. Please invite your women friends to give us a try!

How much does it cost to join Sundance?

Anyone can participate in events through Meetup with a per-event fee of $5.00. Or you can become a Full Member with full access to our Website and member directory, voting privileges, board member eligibility, and select discounts. A one-time, Full Member for life is $25 through January 31, 2021. 

Who leads Sundance outings?

Outings are led by Sundance members themselves. Each Sundance outing is lead by two co-leaders, one of whom has led at least one previous Sundance outing. This ensures that each outing is run by someone who has led other outings and that each outing leader has a backup.

What do you mean by an all-volunteer organization?

Sundance has no paid staff. The Board of Directors, outing leaders, co-leaders, those who maintain our website and online calendar, and prepare our newsletters are volunteers who get a lot of satisfaction in their contributions to Sundance.


How can I co-lead a Sundance outing?

We encourage you to first go on an outing or two to see how they’re run and then contact the current team captain. Contact information for team captains is listed in the members section of this website.

Does every member have to lead an outing?

No. But please remember that all outings are voluntarily-led by members which enables Sundance to fulfill its mission.

How hard is it to co-lead outings?

This depends on the length and complexity of the outing. You could lead a hike where everyone meets at a designated time and place and make use of public transportation. Or you could organize a canoeing/camping trip requiring more research, reservations, carpool co-ordination, etc. There are also members who have led 1-2 week international vacation trips with a dozen or so attendees. In all cases, there are lots of people willing to help. Contact a Team Captain to get started!

Where do Sundance members live?

While most live in the five boroughs of New York City, we also have members from New Jersey, Connecticut, and the Hudson Valley. Don’t let your location discourage you from joining us!

How does transportation work?

Most trips are easily accessed by public transportation. For outings that are not accessible by public transportation, outing leaders assist with carpooling and request participants to indicate their ability to take passengers. Car/vehicle rentals can also be arranged by leaders in some circumstances.

What is the cost of an outing?

All Sundance outings are at-cost beyond the $5 sign-up cost through MeetUp. This means that except for your individual costs for public transportation, car pooling expenses, admission fees (museums, etc.), and food you might bring or purchase during the outing, there are no additional costs. Weekend or lengthier trips may cost more, especially if they the cost of lodgings, permits, equipment rentals, or the like.

How is Sundance governed?

A seven member Board of Directors consisting of a chairperson, treasurer, secretary, and other designated offices meet regularly in-person (or virtually) to conduct club business. There is an election to select board members in January every year with nominations occurring in late fall. Any full member who has led one outing and has been a member for one year is eligible to run in the board election.

How are Sundance activities organized?

There are different activity teams, each one headed by one or two team captains who promote leadership for their activities, and hold meetings as necessary to plan upcoming outings. To learn more about your activity team captains, go to Members and click on Leadership Team.